I do not support Paypal, Visa or any non-private forms of paiement, all transactions must be done in Monero (XMR).
You can pay with other cryptocurrencies but please ask first.

Simple website

0.1XMR (6.9 $)

A simple website like a landing page for your business or just a personal page to share your passion or showcase your activity.

Advanced website

From 0.50XMR (34.48 $)

A more advanced website with a login system, posts, and whatever you need (price will be adjusted according to what you want or need).

Server(s) management

From 0.17XMR (13.79 $)

I will manage and maintain your server(s) and install whatever apps or services you need on it.

Installation of a web service

From 0.1XMR (6.9 $)

Installation and configuration of Wordpress, Joomla and other CMS.