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Tuesday, November 5 2019

How incompetent people make internet insecure

Greetings. This post is kinda the afterwards of my "Your website sucks!" post (you can read it https://blog.jaekr.dev/index.php?post/2019/10/03/Your-website-sucks%21 ). Recently, I had a conversation with a guy who pretended to be a good admin. He currently owns a forum, running with PHPbb  […]

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Monday, October 28 2019

How bad software slowly made into our lives

Today, the subject is clear: bad software. So, if you like: Discord C# Microsoft Windows Don’t be offended. If you do, I don’t really care. Let’s begin! 1. Discord This time, I will not talk about the nonexistent privacy of Discord but rather talk about its application on Desktop. I used Discord  […]

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Friday, October 4 2019

The Copyright joke

Yes, you heard me right, I think that copyright is a joke. In fact, I only pay for content if: I think the service deserves it I can give the author of the work a direct donation, without a label or a studio Nowadays, most of my music, films and eBooks comes from the well-known website The Pirate  […]

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Thursday, October 3 2019

Your website sucks!

Greetings. Today, I'm going to talk about thing that I hate when I'm browsing the internet. You may already know it but I hate today's internet. So here is a list of few things that makes me hate your website. Cookie GDPR pop-up GDPR is a good thing but you guys made it annoying and slow. Sometimes,  […]

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