Today, the subject is clear: bad software. So, if you like:

  • Discord
  • C#
  • Microsoft Windows

Don’t be offended. If you do, I don’t really care.

Let’s begin!

1. Discord

This time, I will not talk about the nonexistent privacy of Discord but rather talk about its application on Desktop. I used Discord from 2016 to 2019, mostly on a Linux environment (rarely on Microsoft Windows when at school). What makes Discord a bad software? Well, it is just one word: “JavaScript”.

As you may know it, I hate JavaScript-based apps and there are clear reasons for that:

  1. Absurd amounts of RAM consumed: tested on my old PC (6Gb DDR3 RAM), out of my 6Gb, Discord was consuming 2Gb of RAM. Thanks Electron!
  2. Browser-based: Discord uses Electron, a tool that allows you to “Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS”. To be honest, if a developer needs to use this kind of “easy-to-develop” frameworks with all easy JS, HTML and CSS, this is because he is too incompetent to develop in a real language like C. Also, the browser-based side of Electron makes it unsecure and vulnerable to chromium security faults and “spyness” (chromium is maybe open-source but I don’t trust it).

I could also talk about the lack of new features like the store (when it came out, I don’t know the current situation) that wasn’t available for Linux or the overlay that was never working properly. The audio drivers support was also terrible (at least on my side and my other friends).

If we put privacy aside, projects like Ripcord proved that Discord works pretty fine with a real software interface (not an encapsulated website that runs on a local web server like electron does).

2. C#

This story started in computer science class. Today’s lesson was web programming. As you may know me, I don’t really like web but since it is in the program, I have to do it otherwise I’ll fail my license. Rather teaching us PHP (a real web language), they started to use C# with MVC (Model-View-Controller). My eyes were bleeding and here is why:

  1. C# is a bloated and unusable piece of bad word: C# is an Eco+ (= really, really cheap) version of Java made by Microsoft. It runs on nothing but Microsoft software like Microsoft Windows (I tried mono project on Linux and nothing ran as expected, the dotnet core available officially either).
  2. Object programming is counter-intuitive: how to make a cake? Well it’s simple, just build a fucking cake factory and then eat one. Intuitive, right? No.
  3. Seriously? C#, for web? I don’t really know who had this idea (probably Steve Ballmer at this point) of doing web with this kind of programming language? Whoever you are, you’ve made thousand of persons suffer and you will too at some point.
  4. The official IDEs: the official C# IDE (MS Visual Studio) is the worst IDE I ever used: it takes absurd amounts of storage and is cripplingly slow even on an SSD. It takes thousand of years just to load a simple project and just edit one line. You also may already know it, closed source and only on MS Windows.

3.Microsoft Windows

If you are reading my blog, I think you already know how MS Windows is just garbage. At my eyes, the last OS that MS created correctly was MS Windows XP (and this thing is still bloated). “Yeah but Linux doesn’t support all my 100000000+ games steam library so Linux sucks!”.

Let’s say something very simple: every game can work on Linux. The only games that doesn’t work are the ones who uses a badly made anti-cheat (BattleEye) or that combines the anti-cheat with no efforts to make the Linux support possible available (hello Ubisoft).

If games can’t run on Linux, it is only the fault of lazy fucks that can’t program correctly.

Also, as Gabe Newell said in 2013, “Linux is the future of gaming ”.

To be honest, if I wanted to pay more than 200USD to suffer, I’d rather buy a whip and pay someone to use it on me, nowadays, I actually can’t find any good reasons to use MS Windows.

Did I forgot to mention that you need to pay for other basic software like text editing in the MS ecosystem?


As you saw, a lot of things makes me angry these days.

So please, make internet better and end the suffering of everyone, stop using and making these kinds of software.

I’ll see you in the next post.

Goodnight, Jae.