Today, I'm going to talk about thing that I hate when I'm browsing the internet. You may already know it but I hate today's internet. So here is a list of few things that makes me hate your website.

  • Cookie GDPR pop-up

GDPR is a good thing but you guys made it annoying and slow. Sometimes, I can't even access my content if I don't accept to be tracked.
If you don't allow navigation without cookies, you should burn in hell. Your annoying pop-ups makes the web slower and slower.
I can't even load some websites on my old laptop because of these pop-ups.

  • Website broken without javascript

Same treatment as the 1. I block javascript because performance on certain websites is terrible. Some websites can't work without javascript. I recommend quitting these websites for good.

  • Yellow text

My eyes are maybe terrible but I think I can assume nobody can see yellow text.

  • Need phone to confirm account

Why the F do you need my phone number?

  • The website that sends the password with the confirmation email

I know, I am not dumb, I delete these kind of emails every time. I am ok when they generate a password, send it to me and force me to change it. But when they send you the password you chose, this is clearly bad. I recommend staying away these websites as well.

  • The website that uses HTTP instead of HTTPS

Check for more informations.

This list could contain a lot more but I'll keep it that way for the moment.
I hope you liked this post and if so, don't hesitate to share it.

I'll see you next time.