Yes, you heard me right, I think that copyright is a joke.
In fact, I only pay for content if:

  1. I think the service deserves it
  2. I can give the author of the work a direct donation, without a label or a studio

Nowadays, most of my music, films and eBooks comes from the well-known website The Pirate Bay (maybe blocked in your country).
But why do I do this? Well the answer is simple:

Imagine you just bought the new album of your favorite artist and this album is produced by a big record company. The thing is: the money invested in this album will mostly be earned by the record company and not by the artist. The record company will use it to add more protection to the disk, like to block "unauthorized" devices to read the disk (like if you try to use Linux instead of Window$ or MacO$).

TL;DR, they'll use your money to make your life harder. It is like people like to pay for bad services.

Let me talk about another example: Netflix. A lot of people love Netflix, it is convenient, have a lot of good series on it, is accessible anytime and everywhere due to its numerous application but there is a catch: if Netflix wants to remove a show and make it disappear, they totally can. So if you wanted to watch an old movie that was previously an Netflix exclusive, you can't legally watch it because:

  • If you recorded this movie while it was on Netflix, you broke the user contract and the copyright law
  • If you get a copy of this movie after it was removed from Netflix, you also broke the user contract and the copyright law

This type of business is only here to lock you up in their prison, they want you to stay on the service and consume. Also, the other main drawback of Netflix is: you don't have all the series on it, you maybe will have to take an Amazon Prime subscription to get everything you want. At the end, this will cost you 20$ + 20$ + 20$... and more and more... It will cost you way more at the end than it would be with a well-made service.

This is why I use TPB. I have a great website where I can get every last movie in a click, every song made by a well-known artist, without content protection that could potentially prevent me from playing this content. I'm not gonna lie, I would certainly pay for a such great service, I would go as far as 60$ per month if needed.

But here is the catch: everything of that is considered illegal. If you share things now, you are a bad guy. Remember when the radio was going to destroy the record industry; when the television would sign the end of cinema; when the home taping was killing the music industry and when the video tapes would be the end of Hollywood? Me, yes. None of this happened. Big companies are trying to force these ideas into our minds but this time, on the internet.

In my mind, no knowledge or creative content should be hidden behind DRM (Digital Right Management) systems because knowledge is here to be shared, not kept as a secret. Without sharing, humanity would be nothing.

Try to picture the first human growing crops to survive. Then his neighbor comes and tries to do the same. Next day, three guys armed of sticks come to his home to punch him because he broke the intellectual property of the guy who was growing things. This would be ridiculous but this is what we are doing now.

Hey, also don't make me laugh by saying "Yeah but with your behavior, artists and records are dying, they don't get enough money to survive". And to this I respond: every company or people that enforces the most copyright are the one who have billions of dollars and live in big villas so I don't think survival is a problem for them anymore.

So, what do we do?

Well, I personally recommend downloading every movie/music/eBook from TPB, 1337x and other websites and then, if you like the content, support directly the artist if possible. If the artist is already rich, don't worry, he (or her) has enough money to survive their whole life.

I was thinking about making this post for quite some time.

If you liked it, don't hesitate to share it.

I'll see you next time.

Goodnight, Jae.