Greetings. Today, I decided to talk a little about twitter.

As you may know it, twitter is a social network created in 2006 where you were able to express yourself in 140 characters (now 280).

As you may also know, twitter is known to be used by a shitload of toxic people. The only objective of these people is simple: make you have a bad day.

But nowadays, these toxic people are almost in every whidely used social networks or apps.

This is why I decided to delete my twitter account. Twitter serves no actual purpose in my online experience anymore. It used to be fun, but now, I am blocked every time I try to give an opinion on something and there is not a single day where someone does not tell me to kill myself.

Because of twitter, I saw too much posts about a person that I now hate (I will not give a name) and got sick of it. When I tweeted about this, I got mad even at my boyfriend and started insulting him. I know I’m the kind of edgy person that don’t care about other’s feelings when I tell something. But twitter made me insult someone I love.

Only two social networks made me do this: twitter and discord. Now that the discord problem is away, I need to take care of the twitter.

I am proud to announce that the 31th October 2019, my twitter account will be officially deleted. I will not tweet anymore but Toot instead on my Mastodon:

I encourage you, the reader, to step a little more away from regular social network and use ones like Mastodon or Diaspora. These ones works with a system of federation: you can create your own instance and chat with other instances.

Some alternatives are: Twitter → Mastodon Facebook → Diaspora Youtube → Peertube Messenger/Whatsapp → Matrix/XMPP

Don’t hesitate to bookmark my blog if you want to see future posts (the RSS feed will be fixed soon). I hope you liked this post and if so, don’t hesitate to share it (on Mastodon of course :) ).

I’ll see you next time.